Wind Dancer Day

Geena Davis and Madeline di Nonno with Wind Dancer Films Partner Dete Meserve and twenty kids and family series creators […]

#ShesGotDRIVE on YouTube

Watch #ShesGotDRIVE stories on our YouTube channel and share your stories of of the inspirational women in your life who […]

#ShesGotDRIVE Campaign

#ShesGotDRIVE is a new campaign by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and Ford Motor Company, aimed at […]

Geena Davis’ Letter to Hollywood: Want a Female President? Put Them Onscreen First

I always say, “If they can see it, they can be it.” Here’s my favorite illustration of that concept: A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Vigdis Finnbogadottir, former president of Iceland. She told me that while in office, she would get letters from young boys asking, “Madam President, do you think a boy will ever become president?” Interesting, huh? Turns out girls in the U.S. will have to keep wondering for a while. The outcome of the recent presidential election has left many of us shocked and scared. We wonder how this could have happened. What do we tell our kids? How can we explain the depth of misogyny and bigotry in our culture, both the overt and the passively tolerated? Most importantly, what can we do to counteract it? Read More…

Embrace everyBODY

This film is a conversation starter, it needs to be seen by women, men and children far and wide. Watch […]

HerStory Edit-a-Thon

Want to be part of global efforts to break down the gender knowledge gap? Then join us on International ‪#‎YouthDay‬ […]

Moving Women to Give Millions

We are so very appreciative of Jacki Zehner’s ongoing support of the Institute and serving on our Board of Advisors. […]

Watch Trailer of Equity

Equity, the first female-driven Wall Street film, follows a senior investment banker who is threatened by a financial scandal and […]

Forever Young

Nobody doesn’t love Nia Long. The fact that she’s been relevant all this time, and is still — still! — […]

The Art of Leadership for Women

The Art of Leadership for Women, Canada’s #1 Women’s Leadership Conference, came to Calgary on April 4th featuring five internationally renowned bestselling authors and thought leaders, including Geena Davis. More than 1,000 professionals attended to gain new insights and inspiration.

Ready Jet Go! Ask Amy!

Does your young explorer have a “burning question” about space? Share it in the comments below and NASA Jet Propulsion […]

The United State of Women

Today, we’ll change tomorrow. Because we are the United State of Women. Watch the film and join Michelle Obama, Meryl […]

Smart Snacks with Geena Davis

Last month, we had the pleasure of attending the Bentonville Film Festival, which champions women and diverse voices in media. […]

At Cannes, The Year of the Women

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis reunited at this year’s Cannes Film Festival some twenty five years after “Thelma & Louise” […]

History Man

Amir Dossal is a well-known figure within NGO, aid and development circles for his roles at the UN, most famously […]

Women In Motion

“Beyond mere injustice, it leads to the cultural impoverishment of each of us, as films shape the way we think […]

The Create Short Film Competition

Samsung and BFF gave a seven-day challenge to seven teams of Bentonville high school and middle school filmmakers to produce […]

Interview Magazine: Geena Davis

Twenty-five years after Thelma and Louise roared off in their 1966 Ford Thunderbird, the conversation around women’s agency in Hollywood […]

The 4%: Film’s Gender Problem

The 4%: Film’s Gender Problem is a six part doc series, directed by Caroline Suh, spotlighting the egregious gender disparity […]

Ordinary Women Daring to Defy History

Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History is Feminist Frequency’s new video series about challenging stereotypes, smashing the status quo, and being defiant. They’re taking a look back at the amazing women throughout history who defied gender stereotypes and changed the world, to remind us that the stories we tell about women—in TV shows, comic books, video games and in real life—often reflect the limitations placed on them, rather than the world-changing feats they’ve already achieved.

Mein Weg #womencreate

I live my dream. Had I not tried it, I would not now be where I am today. Believe in yourself and let your dreams come true. What are you dreaming?

Video: Casting Call, Women React To Demeaning Casting Call Character Descriptions

It’s no secret that society holds women to a more rigid standard of appearance than men. This standard is certainly reflected in the acting profession, where men are allowed to age, gain weight and represent a far wider variety of physical appearances than the women they work with. “Whether it’s stereotyping, sexism, racism, ageism, inequality, or a slew of other demeaning, shocking and sometimes yes, absolutely hilarious offenses women face in the casting world of acting, this project seeks to open up the conversation with both humor and grace.”

Under the Influence of Media

No matter what influences the world around you, always be sure that you are being not influenced, or peer pressured, but inspired. There is not one moment in your life that you need to feel like you need to be something you’re not, look like something you are not, or be someone you are not, due to trends or what you see around you. Everyone grows as a person, and everyone will change. Make sure that as you evolve as a person, you evolve as yourself, not someone else.


Women talking about beauty, fitting in, changing themselves for others, insecurities and finally embracing themselves. You have to love yourself!

Behind the Scenes: YouTube Spaces Women’s Program

To inspire female creators and catalyze even more female-driven content on the platform, YouTube has funded a global production program at YouTube Spaces designed to showcase the talents of female creators both in front of and behind the camera. Cue the Women’s Program: 51 channels from 6 cities around the world with a combined subscriber reach of over 43 million subscribers produced content as part of a special YouTube initiative to spotlight and empower female creators in 2016. Our goal is to support the creation of female-driven content and inspire women to make more videos for YouTube – ultimately, to help create a world where everyone’s voice can be heard.

Female Tribes Manifesto Film

Female Tribes is J. Walter Thompson Company’s proprietary insight study about women around the world. Over the past three years, we’ve been conducting research to chart the ways in which women’s role and influence within society is evolving, making the J. Walter Thompson Company the agency with the most insight, knowledge and research about the largest consumer category in the world: women.

YouTube Funds Women Video Creators, Teams With U.N. and Geena Davis

YouTube, touting itself as a platform that empowers women across the globe, has launched a new initiative to fund and promote content from female creators. The Google-owned video giant program has financed more than 50 videos spotlighting women’s perspectives, shot at YouTube Spaces studios around the world. YouTube also struck a yearlong partnership with the United Nations, which has enlisted seven top YouTube female creators as “change ambassadors” to create videos promoting tolerance and gender equality. In addition, YouTube has partnered with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, the thesp’s nonprofit org whose mission is to improve gender depictions on-screen and create opportunities for women behind the camera. The group provided consulting to creators as part of YouTube Spaces program.

Geena Davis speaks about diversity

Following the controversy surrounding the lack of diversity in the nominations at this year’s Academy Awards, the 60-year-old actress has […]

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t PSA

Let’s build a National Women’s History Museum in Washington, DC so young girls can be inspired by heroines like ‪#‎RosaParks‬. […]

Empowering women through films

In an exclusive interview with dna, Falguni Padode, FLO Mumbai chapter chairperson, talks about the role of FICCI FLO Film […]

The many roles of women

The tale of five young orphaned sisters in a remote Turkish village, Deniz Gamze Erguven’s Mustang is the frontrunner for […]


For teen girls, Valentine’s day is about much more than crushes, candy, and flowers. It has become a day to […]

Barbie’s Got a New Body

Barbie’s got a new body. Three new bodies, actually: petite, tall and curvy, in Mattel’s exhaustively debated lexicon, and beginning […]

The Power of Rey

Rey is many things: a survivor, a scavenger, an isolated figure looking for community, a pilot, a mechanic, a warrior… […]

2016 Global Symposiums on Gender in Media

Our 2016 Global Symposiums on Gender in Media will be held in Mumbai on February 17 and Sao Paulo on March 8. The Mumbai Symposium is co-hosted by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), Mumbai Chapter, the women’s wing of FICCI and sponsored by ITVS. The Sao Paulo Symposium will be hosted by Google. The Institute will present new global research which explores the influence of film audiences in the UK, India, Nigeria, France and Brazil funded by the Oak Foundation.

Hollywomen is a new platform exploring the legacy, chronicling the present and anticipating the future of women and diversity in […]

An Evening with Geena Davis – Cocktail Party

An Evening with Geena Davis is our annual fundraiser that will be held on December 3, 2015 at the William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica, California. This event is attended by 200 thought leaders in the entertainment industry. Since its beginning, three years ago, this event has raised almost $130,000 to support the research, education and advocacy programs that are creating a world where girls grow up surrounded by positive reminders of their equality and worth.

Mumbai Diary: Monday Dossier

It has been announced that Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis’ The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media will partner […]

Funding for Filmmakers

Looking for funding and support for your film? The Women’s Film Institute has compiled a comprehensive list of funding opportunities […]

Rio Film Festival Infographic

GEMAA has just published this new infographic of race and gender, with the profile of the films that will be […]

NFL: Pair of women make history

Jen Welter walked from the sideline and shook hands with the line judge for the night’s game between the Cardinals […]

Missing In Action

Over the past decade, a string of war movies emerged in the wake of 9/11: The Hurt Locker, Syriana, The […]

Amy Schumer Is on Fire

A recurring feeling has accompanied Amy Schumer’s rapid ascent in show business. “It’s always: I walk in a room thinking […]

Google: Doing more on diversity

When we released the composition of our workforce almost a year ago, it confirmed what many people suspected: the tech […]

Anne Sweeney Joins Netflix Board

Anne Sweeney, former co-chair of Disney Media Networks and Disney/ABC Television Group president has joined the Netflix board of directors, […]

She enters, stage right

Geena Davis once played a meek Arkansas housewife named Thelma who, buffeted by fate and bucked up by her fiesty […]