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Through rigorous research and strategic partnerships, the Institute empowers media makers, studios, and industry leaders to embrace diversity and inclusion authentically. Explore our comprehensive range of services and join us in reshaping the narrative landscape.  
  • Sponsored Research
  • Advertising Audits
  • Spellcheck for Bias®
  • GDI Playbook for Inclusive Game Design
  • GD-IQ®
  • Survey Research
  • Workshops
  • Consulting

Sponsored Research

At GDI, part of our mission is to amplify organizations and groups working to correct inauthentic portrayals of marginalized communities in entertainment media. Our in-depth research reports use content analysis methodology to focus on the representation and inclusion of groups, like caregivers, Black women, Asians and Pacific Islanders , or women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers, in entertainment media. Our reports identify prevalent narratives, and then leverage those insights to encourage more complex and culturally specific media representations. We will take these insights directly to media makers, studios, and others in the industry to spur conversation, and ultimately positive change.  More information. 

Advertising Audits

GDI’s advertising audits are your tool to assess the diversity and inclusion of characters in ads. Beyond analyzing who is on screen, our audit delves into nuanced representation across gender, race/ethnicity, body size, LGBTQIA+ identity, disability, and age (50+), considering characters’ locations, activities, product endorsements, roles, and more.  In addition to strategic insights and actionable recommendations our audits provide information that will help brands connect authentically with diverse audiences and build lasting relationships.  More information. 

Spellcheck for Bias®

Spellcheck for Bias® provides analysis of preproduction scripts with the purpose of identifying opportunities for greater representation of marginalized communities within six major identities (gender, race, LGBTQIA+ identity, disability, age, and body type), as well as identification of biases, tropes and stereotypes, representation issues, harmful language, and potential cultural inaccuracies. The Spellcheck for Bias® team uses a text analysis tool to identify character prominence and social science research to inform the in depth analysis. The team collaborates with the University of Southern California’s Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory (SAIL) to create a WhoSpeaksToWhom chart that relies on machine learning to produce the frequency and rate at which major characters are speaking to each other. Central to the ethos of Spellcheck is respecting the artistic integrity of creative work, while also increasing knowledge and engaging in informed, explorative collaboration on inclusion and equity.  More information. 

GDI Playbook for Inclusive Game Design

Guided by the first of its kind, global advisory council of game industry leaders, GDI crafted a framework to help understand, reflect, and address possible bias in game narrative and character development. The GDI Playbook contains best practices, game case histories, and interactive modules to demonstrate how inclusive portrayals in game development can be created and easily applied. Our goal is to support creators with the tools to make positive shifts in representation and inclusion within the gaming world. Visit GDIPlaybook.org

Survey Research

Collaborate with us to conduct survey research on perceptions of gender, race/ethnicity, body size, LGBTQIA+ identity, disability, and age (50+) in entertainment media. By partnering with GDI, you will gain insights that will not only redefine your understanding of representation but will also position your organization to be a catalyst for change. We offer a unique opportunity to contribute to a more inclusive media narrative, backed by clear insights that will empower your organization to lead the charge towards authenticity and diversity.  More information. 


Virtual or in person workshops designed to help creators and executives:

  • Recognize and overcome implicit bias.
  • Identify harmful stereotypes to mitigate their appearance in content.
  • Address bias and discriminatory representations of marginalized groups in content. 
  • Facilitate the creation of more inclusive content. 
  • Objectification and Dehumanization

The workshops provide historical references to illustrate how media can contribute to discrimination against and misrepresentation of marginalized communities an provide a framework for an empathetic and culturally sensitive view of how media industries should operate to provide a safe and inclusive space for all of those involved.  More information. 


GDI offers personalized consulting focused on the representation of marginalized communities on screen across gender, race, LGBTQIA+, disabilities, age, and body size. Let us guide you in creating characters who are culturally accurate, and steer you away from stereotypes and tropes.