TOOLKIT: Rewriting Motherhood

Motherhood exemplified by a woman with a child on her lap working at a laptop beside a window.

Toolkit for TV industry promotes diverse, realistic motherhood portrayals: urges flexible work for mom writers, expanded childcare, and casting beyond the white, thin stereotype to reflect real mothers’ varied experiences and challenges.

TOOLKIT: Representation in Video Gaming

Two female gamers used hand gestures to win an esports game

Discover how to enrich diversity in gaming with our toolkit. It offers practical guidance for creating inclusive and multidimensional characters in video games.

TOOLKIT: A Guide to Inclusive Advertising

Two women in a bright workspace review architectural plans and a small model house on a table, with a laptop nearby, symbolizing collaboration in design or planning.

Empower diversity in advertising with the Geena Davis Institute’s toolkit, enhancing portrayal of gender, race, LGBTQIA+, disabilities, and body types in advertising.

TOOLKIT: Redefining Male Caregiving

A joyful grandfather embracing his granddaughter, both smiling and sharing a warm, affectionate moment together.

Explore ‘Redefining Male Caregiving’: a toolkit offering strategies for content creators to authentically portray male caregivers, challenging stereotypes and enriching media narratives.