Dive into the Geena Davis Institute’s “Redefining Male Caregiving” toolkit, a guide aimed at reshaping the portrayal of male caregivers on screen. This resource provides content creators with the insights and strategies needed to tell more accurate and compelling stories about male caregiving, reflecting the diversity and complexity of real-world experiences.


Research-Driven Insights: Drawn from an extensive analysis of popular scripted television shows, the toolkit offers a comprehensive look at current trends and areas for improvement in depicting male caregivers.

Strategic Recommendations: With actionable advice, the toolkit guides media professionals in creating nuanced characters and narratives that challenge stereotypes and enrich the portrayal of male caregivers.

Empowering Storytelling: Learn how to construct narratives that foster empathy and understanding, offering audiences a more diverse and realistic view of caregiving roles.

Leverage the “Redefining Male Caregiving” toolkit to enhance your storytelling approach and be part of a larger movement towards more authentic and inclusive media portrayals. Let’s redefine the narrative around male caregiving together, creating content that resonates with and reflects the true nature of caregiving in today’s world.