Leveraging our research findings, the Geena Davis Institute offers a toolkit designed to help advertisers create content that truly reflects the world’s diversity. Recommendations include:

  • Enhancing Female Leadership: Amplify female presence in authoritative and professional roles to dismantle stereotypes.
  • Elevating Racial Representation: Promote characters of color in empowered and dynamic roles, challenging traditional narratives.
  • Boosting LGBTQIA+ Visibility: Align on-screen representation with real-world demographics to foster inclusivity.
  • Addressing Disability and Age: Advocate for authentic portrayals that reflect the true spectrum of society.
  • Celebrating Body Diversity: Embrace all body types in positive and empowering narratives.

Join the Movement: The Geena Davis Institute invites advertisers to embrace this toolkit, fostering a media landscape where everyone can see themselves represented authentically. Together, we can craft stories that not only reflect reality but also inspire a more inclusive and equitable world.