Explore the Geena Davis Institute’s “See It, Be It: What Children Are Seeing On TV” toolkit, designed to illuminate the portrayal of diverse identities in children’s programming. This essential resource offers a detailed analysis of inclusion and representation across various demographics in popular and current children’s TV shows.

Research-Driven Insights:
This toolkit is based on the Institute’s comprehensive study delves into the portrayal of women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, people with disabilities, older people, and body diversity in children’s television. We examine both popular and current programming, providing a nuanced understanding of how these groups are depicted and how these portrayals have evolved over time.

Strategic Recommendations:
The toolkit presents targeted strategies for content creators to enhance diversity and authenticity in children’s media. It emphasizes the need for balanced gender representation, increased visibility of queer characters of color, and more nuanced narratives for characters with disabilities and of diverse body sizes.

Empowering Storytelling:
Learn to craft stories that resonate with and reflect the diverse experiences of all audiences. Our toolkit encourages the development of characters and storylines that promote empathy, understanding, and a more comprehensive reflection of society.

Utilize the “See It, Be It” toolkit to refine your approach to children’s programming and contribute to the ongoing evolution towards more inclusive and representative media. Join the Geena Davis Institute in championing a media landscape where every child can see themselves accurately and positively portrayed on screen.