This Is Us? How TV Does and Doesn’t Get Men’s Caregiving

A man and a toddler engaging in a hula hoop activity on a residential street, both smiling and having fun in a sunny outdoor setting.

Exploring male caregiving in TV, This Is Us? How TV Does and Doesn’t Get Men’s Caregiving
event in partnership with Equimondo challenges stereotypes, fostering positive media representations for a more equitable portrayal of modern fatherhood.

Closing the Cyber Gender Gap

A smiling woman with glasses is superimposed over a backdrop featuring digital graphs and interface elements, suggesting a concept related to data analytics or technology.

Highlighting the critical gender gap in cybersecurity, the Geena Davis Institute’s event, supported by Craig Newmark Philanthropies, called for urgent, diverse workforce development to fill 600,000+ roles.

A Night of Poetry Honoring Lucille Clifton

Lucille Clifton Poetry Event.

The 2nd Annual “A Night of Poetry Honoring Lucille Clifton” was a resounding success, featuring impactful readings by distinguished guests and celebrating Clifton’s poetic legacy and influence in the arts.

The New Frontline: The Battle Against Online Violence

A pensive young woman in a polka dot blouse holds a pen near her mouth, looking away with a contemplative expression while working on her laptop in a bright, modern office setting.

Explore key takeaways from the Virtual See Jane Salon on combating online violence, featuring leaders from the Geena Davis Institute, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, IWMF, and more. Learn how media can drive change.