The LEGO Group Invites Girls to Stay Curious in STEAM Subjects on International Day of the Girl

The LEGO Group marks International Day of the Girl with a new campaign to encourage girls to stay curious about STEAM subjects and careers. New and sobering statistics from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and the LEGO Group show girls are still discouraged from STEAM fields from a young age when play is often gender stereotyped.

For example, one statistic in the Geena Davis Institute LEGO Creativity Study shows 80% of boys are encouraged to code at a young age, compared with only 20% of girls*. Furthermore, when asked, children as young as six think girls don’t like science. These misconceptions extend into the teen years and adulthood and contribute to the gender gap within STEAM related careers**.

To help combat these misconceptions, the LEGO Group is launching an online campaign called “Let’s Keep them Curious!” that includes 5 STEAM play activities which aim to inspire parents to continue to nurture girls’ interests in STEAM by exploring fun LEGO brick challenges.

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