Director, Producer, Storyteller, Editor

Narumi Inatsugu is a Creative Executive who has worked on some of the biggest shows in the world, including the “Emmys,” “American Idol,” the Super Bowl, and “The Voice.” 

In addition to his work on those iconic programs, he has been nominated for four primetime Emmys, and has won an ACE award and an IGN award. He was an executive producer on the hit cult movie “Samurai Cop 2” and edited “MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres del Norte and Friends,” which won a Latin Grammy. He has produced and edited over a thousand hours of television for all the major networks. He also served as the creative director for Fuel TV, leading the development and execution of all creative related promotion, advertising, programming, and packaging. He was a driving force in the rebranding of Fuel TV and its launch into Fox Sports. 

Narumi has always made it his mission to increase awareness of gender and ethnic equality in the media. Since 2014, he has partnered with The Gurin Company and Hudlin Entertainment to produce the NAACP Image Awards to celebrate Black excellence. He has continued to push boundaries to create the best content possible. In 2016, Inatsugu created Rumiville Inc, a full-service production company that creates content in all genres for every major network and streaming platforms. Rumiville is full of diverse talented individuals from all different backgrounds. 

In 2023, Rumiville produced the Unforgettable Gala, which honors Asian Americans in television and film. Narumi served as the Executive Producer and Director on the first-ever broadcast of the gala. His connection and dedication to creating and telling the stories of Asian Americans led him to take the invigorating role as Chief Creative Officer for Joysauce, a new American Asian network.

Throughout his entire career, Narumi has made it a priority to donate his time to work with various nonprofit companies. He provides resources and services to help raise money for underprivileged kids and help further their education. He contributes resources and funds to help minority women explore their creativity and create short films which have ended up in film festivals. 

Most recently, Inatsugu has joined the board of directors for the National Asian/Pacific Island American Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship board that was established to improve the quality of life for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans by assisting the AAPI community through business education and training, research, and community development.

Narumi has a deep passion for entertainment and storytelling, with a driving force to illuminate the stories of underrepresented voices in our society.