Chief Strategy Officer, Hyphenate Media Group

KARLA PITA LOOR Chief Strategy Officer, Hyphenate Media Group Karla Pita Loor assumes the role of Chief Strategy Officer at Hyphenate Media Group, leveraging her extensive experience and leadership acumen. Formerly serving as Executive Vice President of Enterprise Inclusion & Social Responsibility at Banijay Americas, she entrenched inclusion as a fundamental value throughout the company’s content, creatives, and crew. With nearly a decade as the Chief Development Officer of the Television Academy, Pita Loor’s corporate journey embodies strategic foresight and industry influence.

Beyond her executive capacities, Pita Loor holds esteemed positions on the Board of Directors for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, the Cal Stat Entertainment Alliance, and chairs the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. Her commitment to diversity in the entertainment sphere is underscored by her co-founding of the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Career Program in 2020, dedicated to fostering inclusivity in film and production careers.

In her new capacity, Pita Loor spearheads Hyphenate’s strategic planning and execution, overseeing brand development, strategic communications, and public relations initiatives. As a trusted consultant to Banijay Americas’ Chairman and CEO, she offers invaluable insights on activations, events, and social responsibility practices, shaping the company’s brand narrative and industry presence.

Functioning as a Growth Focused Strategist, Pita Loor advises co-founders and the executive team on key growth priorities and business opportunities, driving cultural and operational enhancements while staying abreast of competitive intelligence. She cultivates strategic partnerships and assesses industry trends to innovate business plans, nurturing relationships with potential partners and external stakeholders.

In her capacity as Communications & Brand Leader, Pita Loor positions Hyphenate as a vanguard of change, crafting compelling communications and brand experiences to elevate industry perception. Guided by a cohesive brand strategy, she forges enduring relationships with stakeholders, mitigating reputational risks and overseeing a robust social responsibility program.

Moreover, Pita Loor’s role extends to advising Banijay Americas on communications strategy, brand identity, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. She represents the company’s ESG efforts, managing corporate social responsibility budgets, and identifying strategic areas of investment to drive impactful change.