Anjali Bhimani’s diverse acting career spans Broadway, film, TV, video games, animation, and digital media. Notable TV credits include Disney+’s Ms. Marvel, which earned her an HCA Astra Award nomination, as well as roles in Dead to Me, Law and Order, Modern Family, and The Sopranos. In the gaming world, she is loved for voicing Symmetra in Overwatch and Rampart in Apex Legends. An original cast member of the Tony-nominated Metamorphoses on Broadway, she’s excelled in theater across the US. Her book, “I Am Fun Size, and So Are YOU!“, based on her YouTube series, became a bestseller in 2022. An active presence in tabletop roleplaying, she’s involved in series like Critical Role’s Candela Obscura and Dimension 20’s The Ravening War. Anjali is also an executive producer and co-host of the Character Select Podcast, exploring gaming performances. Based in Los Angeles, she enjoys walks with her dog, Charley.