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For this report, sponsored by Proctor & Gamble and Secret, female athletes — high school, college, and professional/semi-professional — were surveyed about their experiences as athletes, to understand the challenges they face and to identify opportunities to foster gender equity in athletics. Main findings from this report include:

  • The majority of female athletes (at all levels) say they experience more hardships/challenges than male athletes do — 58% of high school athletes, 73% of college athletes, and 93% of professional/semiprofesional female athletes.
  • Among female athletes in high school and college, 85% are inspired and/or excited when they see a female athlete in advertising.
  • Among female athletes in high school and college, 55% say they were inspired by male athletes, but 75% say they were inspired by female athletes. 


Based on these findings we make the following recommendations:

  1. Provide more visibility. Elevate, promote and show female athletes. 
  2. Reduce gender bias. Create gender-equity policies and initiatives
  3. Foster female leadership. Recruit more women for various organizational roles