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Discover groundbreaking insights into gender representation in popular films with our “Reel Truth: Women Aren’t Seen or Heard” report. Utilizing the innovative Geena Davis Inclusion Quotient (GD-IQ) tool, developed in partnership with and USC, this study analyzes the visibility and vocal presence of female characters in top-grossing films. The insights challenge and motivate industry stakeholders to champion equitable representation in media.

Key Findings

  • Screen Time Disparities: Male characters received double the screen time of female characters across the top 100 films of 2015, with an even wider gap in films led by men.
  • Speaking Time Inequities: Male characters spoke twice as often as female characters. In films with male leads, this discrepancy increased, with men speaking three times as often as women.
  • Box Office Insights: Films with female leads not only challenge the myth that female-led films are less successful but also demonstrate that they can outperform male-led films, grossing 15.8% more on average.


  • Increase Female Presence: To combat the underrepresentation and marginalization of women in film, it is crucial for filmmakers to increase both the quantity and quality of female roles.
  • Monitor Representation: Utilize tools like the GD-IQ to regularly assess gender representation in films. This data-driven approach helps identify biases and set actionable goals towards gender balance.
  • Champion Female-Led Films: Encourage the industry to invest in and promote films with female leads, as they have proven to attract significant box office revenue.