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People around the world are demanding to see themselves better represented in advertising. They want to see the true diversity of their communities depicted more often – and more accurately – across many areas, including race, gender, sexual orientation and people with disabilities. To better understand people’s expectations of representation in online advertising and the impact of diverse and inclusive digital campaigns, Facebook IQ partnered with the Geena Davis Institute to do this research. We’ve released our findings in a new report that helps businesses understand the value of representation.

Key Discoveries

  • Stereotypical Portrayals Persist: Our analysis highlights continuing trends in online advertising that reinforce limiting gender-based stereotypes.
  • Representation Deficits: We found notable underrepresentation in online campaigns, particularly for people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ community members.
  • Consumer Expectations: A majority of participants expressed a desire for more culturally inclusive advertising. The data suggest a gap between consumer expectations and current online advertising practices.

Implications for Brands

  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty: Brands that prioritize diversity and inclusion in online campaigns gain consumer loyalty and preference. 
  • Business Impact: Diverse digital campaigns tend to have higher ad recall. Consumers more readily remember ads that reflect their own identity, enhancing the efficacy of online advertising

As this collaborative study with Facebook reveals, the advertising industry faces a significant opportunity to cultivate inclusivity in digital campaigns. For brands, embracing diversity is not just a social imperative but a strategic advantage.

Taking Action for Inclusive Representation

  • Audit Current Practices: Evaluate your brand’s online campaigns for diversity and representation using advanced tools.
  • Creative Development: Infuse inclusivity into the brainstorming process and maintain checks for biases throughout campaign development.
  • Data-Driven Refinement: Utilize data to measure the impact of representation and make informed adjustments to connect with a broader audience.

Read the full report.