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Explore the transformative impact of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media’s research on the portrayal of women in film and television through our “Gender in Media Impact Study 2013”. This study assesses the influence of our initiatives on media professionals and their projects, showcasing significant strides towards gender equality in media content.

The “Gender in Media Impact Study 2013” highlights the effectiveness of the Geena Davis Institute’s efforts to promote gender balance and reduce stereotypes in media. Surveying professionals who participated in the Institute’s events, the study reveals how these insights have been applied to real-world media projects, leading to more diverse and equitable character representations.

Key Findings

  • Widespread Impact: Two-thirds of respondents have applied the Institute’s research to their work, enhancing the portrayal of women and girls in media.
  • Project Modifications: Significant changes have been made in projects, including altering female characters’ aspirations, dialogues, and increasing their presence as lead and secondary characters.
  • Desexualization of Female Roles: The most pressing issue identified by 38% of respondents is the need to desexualize female roles, emphasizing the importance of respectful representations.