InStyle: It’s Time to Rewrite the Script for TV Moms

Moms First, Meghan Markle’s Archwell Foundation, and the Geena Davis Institute studied how moms are portrayed on television. Spoiler alert: It’s not realistic. Reshma Saujani argues better depictions could lead to better policy.

By Reshma Saujani 

There’s a laundry list of reasons why moms today don’t have access to affordable childcare and paid leave. Gridlock in Congress. Unwilling state legislatures. An outdated workplace model designed for families with one stay-at-home parent.

But lately, I’ve been thinking about another reason, one that hits much closer to home — specifically, in our very own living rooms. 

What if moms on TV are yet another reason moms in real life don’t have the support we need?

Decades before I founded Girls Who Code to help get more women and girls into tech, I was a little girl raised by The Brady Bunch. My parents couldn’t afford childcare, so I spent my afternoons with Carol Brady, who kept her house effortlessly spotless and never worried about finding a sitter.  Read the full article.